Do you remember our betting partners?

Companies such as Unibet and Bet365 bravely supported our activities.
There were also large organizations of sports analysts among us.

Since the total reactivation of the site, we have slightly changed the operation of the site,
We will deal with general topics as well as specific ones.

There have been various cases. An interesting alternative seems to be the parties with the community being built. Here the problem is often solved on its own

the website is a good example. Just like on the blog about CS – . The community helped and solved a difficult situation.

The users’ initiative on the esport forum could also be liked. There also a lot of content about games and esports tournaments was lost. But what are people for? There was also a lot of Twitch audience. If you want, you can do it.

Once the situation stabilizes, we will make a ranking of appropriate tools for online safety. These are not only antiviruses.

I will say more. In fact, antivirus is a very small percentage of what is important in today’s digital world in terms of security!

Today, a statement by our dependant, a long-term employee of betsson booke, on the analyst’s report.

Do not trust the “Preacher Tipsters” that use to speak with toomuch confidence and promote themselves excessively with aquestionable marketing.

Be Aware

Therefore, if you see tipsters that promote themsevels excessimarketing, and if TIPSTERS THAT SPEAK TO YOU WITH TOO MUCH CONFIDENCE

Sports betting is a business whose cake (represented by the money lost by most of the players) is shared between the bookmakers (mainly) and a small group of sharp bettors.That is, it is very difficult to win in the long term.

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