The advent of antivirus software have given the biggest relief to the users from becoming a victim of online threats while surfing over internet for various day-to-day purposes like shopping, banking, and many more. One of the top antivirus providers is ‘McAfee’, a well known America based company that provides various security software for its users having the devices of variant platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

All the McAfee activate products enables the users to stay connected with the digital world or the online world by avoiding the entire risks of online threats associated with it. As these online threats might cause harm to the users’ device as well as the data in various formats. Some of the popular McAfee activate products includes McAfee Live Safe, McAfee VirusScan, McAfee Total Protection, and many such amazing products. All these McAfee Activate could be downloaded through the link as
Apart from protecting the users’ device & data, all the McAfee Activate products have advanced features like firewall, identity anti-theft, device anti-theft, safeguards online activities, and many more, that also add up to the popularity gained by the company products. To enjoy all such advanced features of the McAfee activate products, the users need to visit the link: followed by performing a set of three interrelated procedures that are as follows:
1. Purchase & Download
2. Install
3. Activate

How to purchase & download the McAfee Activate?

All the McAfee Activate products can be purchased either over internet or through the nearby retail stores, easily. When the users wish to purchase the McAfee Activate product through online method, then they require a proper internet connection i.e. wired connection. In this method, the users need to follow the steps detail below:

1. Visit the official McAfee link as:
2. Followed by accessing the “Products” page on the main page.
3. Here, choose the desired McAfee Activate product that the users want to install to their devices.
4. Once the users gets the desired McAfee Activate product then, go through its product description to ensure its compatibility with their device.
5. Once the user gets ensured, click the “Buy Now & Download” button, followed by making the payment using any of the available payment modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, and other.
6. Thus, a download link will be sent to the users’ email address in the form of mail. Click the retrieved download link to download the McAfee Activate product to the device.

Apart from purchasing the McAfee Activate product over internet connection, the users could also purchase it through the nearby retail stores. This offline McAfee Activate product consists of a CD pack having the software (setup file) and a card i.e. McAfee Retail Card having the McAfee Activation License Keycode, required for activation of the McAfee product on the device.

How to install the McAfee Activate?

Follow the steps detailed below for installing the McAfee Activate on the device, easily:

1. Open the link: on the device using the web browser being installed on it.
2. Here, tap the “Sign In” button, followed by log in to the McAfee Account using the credentials associated with it.
3. Once the user successfully log in to their McAfee Account, move to the “Subscriptions” option within the “My Account” option displayed at the op rightmost corner of the page.
4. Here, click the “Download” button displayed in front of the purchased McAfee Activate subscription.
5. On the next, select the type of device on which the users want to install the McAfee Activate product.
6. Followed by following the on-screen instructions for further completing the McAfee installation process, successfully.

How to activate the McAfee Antivirus?

The stepwise procedure detailed below will guide the users’ path to activate the McAfee product on the device using the valid McAfee Activation License Keycode, successfully:
1. Lunch the web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that has been installed on the device.
2. Here, enter the link as: within the URL bar of the browser.
3. Now, enter the 25-character keycode within the space provided to the users.
4. Followed by entering the email address (registered by the user at the time of purchasing the product), selecting the “Country” & “Language” as specified.
(Please Note: Ensure the details being entered by the users are correct, otherwise the activation issues may arise on the device. If some incorrect information has been entered b the users then, they may edit the details y clicking the “Edit” button.)
5. At last, click the “Submit” button followed by tapping the “Verify” button.
6. Thus, the McAfee product will get successfully activated on the device and could be used for shielding the device against the online threats.