McAfee MAV stands for McAfee Antivirus Plus, one of the top renowned antivirus software developed by the company for protecting the users’ device and data against the online threats like virus attack, spyware, malware, and many more such cyber attacks. These online threats might cause harm to their device and data in several ways.

Apart from securing the users against the online threats, the McAfee Activate product of McAfee MAV has been included with various advanced features like supportive to variant platforms (including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), anti-malware, personal locker, firewall, and many more.

To get the McAfee Activate product of McAfee MAV or Antivirus Plus, the users need to visit the official link as: Apart from this, the users may also purchase the McAfee MAV through the nearby retail stores. When the users purchase the McAfee MAV offline pack, this purchased offline product consists of a CD pack having the software and a card that is being attached at the back of it. This attached card is known as McAfee Retail Card or McAfee MAV Retail Card.

The McAfee MAV Retail Card consists of the following details:

  1. Activation link like, depending upon the product being purchased.
  2. The McAfee Activation License Keycode, required for activating the McAfee MAV product.

Apart from McAfee Activate, the users may use the McAfee Retail Card to download the McAfee Antivirus Plus product to their device. The setup being downloaded in this manner is of latest version or has been included with all the latest updates.

How to Activate the McAfee MAV Subscription using the McAfee MAV Retail Card?

Before activating the McAfee MAV using McAfee Retail Card, the users need to redeem the retail card. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below to redeem as well as activate the McAfee Activate product of McAfee MAV, using the McAfee Retail card:

  1. Launch the web browser like Google Chrome or Safari being installed to the device.
  2. And then, type the activation link like, as it has been specified on the McAfee Retail Card.
  3. After this, the users will be directed to the McAfee activation page. Here, a form will be displayed on the screen that needs to be filled with all the required details.
  4. Followed by selecting the “Language” or “Country” name from the drop down menu, as specified on the McAfee Retail Card.
  5. After this, enter the email address and the McAfee Activation License keycode within the corresponding fields.
  6. Once the details have been entered within the activation form, click the submit button.
  7. Ensure the details being entered by the user are correct, when prompted.
  8. If incorrect information has been typed then, click the “Edit” option and make the required changes, followed by clicking the “Verify” button.
  9. Else, if no incorrect information has been detailed then, click the “Verify” button.

(Important Note: For any help while performing the aforementioned steps to redeem or activate the McAfee Activate Total Protection product, call the McAfee Customer Support number, toll-free. The users may also refer the support section of the link as: McAfee Activate. The McAfee Customer Support is available all round the clock to provide their support services to its users.)

Thus, the McAfee Activate product of McAfee Antivirus Plus gets successfully activated on the device. Now, the software can be used for creating the layer of protection against online attacks and continue to stay connected to the online world.