McAfee is one of top leading brands that have been offering the top selling online security solutions to the users for protecting their device & data from being accessed by any of the malicious users. Apart from this, the McAfee product makes the users’ device to be protected against the online threats and stay connected to the online world, by avoiding risks associated with it. Some of the popular antivirus products developed by the McAfee are as follows:

  1. McAfee VirusScan
  2. McAfee LiveSafe
  3. McAfee Total Protection
  4. McAfee Internet Security
  5. McAfee Antivirus Premium

McAfee MLS is one of the most widely used McAfee activate products and to get the McAfee MLS to the device, the users may download it either through online method or offline method. For getting the McAfee activate product of McAfee MLS over online method, the users require a proper internet connection. While, for getting the McAfee MLS through offline method, the users need to visit the nearby retail stores.

The inclusion of various advanced features to the McAfee Activate product of McAfee LiveSafe adds up to the popularity of the product attained by the software among its users. Some of the popular features of the McAfee Activate product of McAfee MLS are as follows:

  1. Email Protection
  2. Reduce Risks
  3. Tuneup Tools
  4. Firewall
  5. Identity protection
  6. Cloud-Storage
  7. Social media protection
  8. Password manager

What is McAfee MLS Retail card?

When the users purchase the McAfee MLS or McAfee LiveSafe through retail stores then, the McAfee MLS offline box is retrieved having a CD pack having setup file. Apart from the McAfee MLS CD pack, a card is also attached at the back of the McAfee MLS offline box known as the McAfee MLS Retail card.

This attached McAfee MLS retail card has been detailed with the following details:

  1. McAfee Activation Link (like, depending upon the type of product being purchased by the users)
  2. McAfee Activation License Keycode

The McAfee MLS retail card enables the users to get the McAfee Activate product of LiveSafe to their device, without inserting the offline CD pack to the device. The McAfee MLS being downloaded in this manner is the latest one, included with all the latest updates.

How to Activate the McAfee MLS using the McAfee MLS Retail Card?

Before activating the McAfee LiveSafe using the McAfee MLS Retail Card, the users need to redeem the McAfee Retail card. For redeeming and activating the McAfee MLS using the McAfee MLS Retail Card, follow the stepwise procedure mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, launch the web browser being installed to the device on which the users wish to install the McAfee activate product.
  2. After this, enter the McAfee Activation link like as it has been specified to the McAfee MLS Retail Card within the URL bar of the web browser.
  3. Thus, the users will be directed to the McAfee Activation page. Here, enter all the required details within the activation form.
  4. Here, enter the email address associated with the McAfee MLS purchase, along with the selecting the Country” and “Language” as specified to the McAfee MLS Retail card.
  5. Also, enter the 25-character key i.e. McAfee MLS Activation keycode within the corresponding space.
  6. After this, click the Submit” button, followed by clicking the “Verify” button, when prompted.
  7. Important Note: Ensure that the details being entered to the McAfee Activation form by the users are correct; otherwise some activation errors will occur to the device. If something incorrect has been entered by the users then, they may edit it by clicking the “Edit” button.
  8. Hence the McAfee MLS gets successfully activated to the device.