Now-a-days, the entire device users are highly involved within the online world or the digital world as it has given a new phase to their life style thus, making their life much better than before. Since the users’ life had attained betterment but, this increased usage of internet has also created the biggest challenge for them i.e. online threats like virus, spyware, malware and other such cyber attacks.

In order to keep the users’ device free from such online threats, many antivirus providers like McAfee has developed its number of online security solutions, thus, allowing them to retain their internet connectivity with the digital world. All the McAfee security solutions have various advanced in-built features like firewall, intrusion detection as well as prevention system, mobile secure gateway, parental control, data-centric security, and many more. Some popular online security solutions of the McAfee Activate products are as follows:

  1. McAfee IntruShield
  2. McAfee MTP i.e. McAfee Total Protection
  3. McAfee VirusScan
  4. McAfee Entercept
  5. McAfee SiteAdvisor
  6. McAfee DAT Reputation
  7. McAfee Internet Security
  8. McAfee LiveSafe
  9. McAfee Antivirus

To enjoy all the features included within the McAfee Total Protection or McAfee MTP, the users need to perform three interrelated processes that include the following:

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Activate

All the McAfee Activate products can be downloaded either over the online method or the offline method. For getting the McAfee MTP over online method (through its official link i.e., the users require a proper internet connection. While to get the McAfee Activate product of McAfee MTP over offline method, the users may make an access to the nearby retail stores.

What is McAfee MTP Retail card?

When the users purchase the offline McAfee MTP product, a card has been attached at the back of it known as the McAfee MTP Retail card consisting of the following details:

  1. McAfee activation link (like depending upon the product being purchased by the users)
  2. A 25-character key known as McAfee Activation License keycode.

Apart from storing such details, the McAfee MTP retail card also enables the user to get the McAfee Activate product of McAfee Total Protection to their device over internet. The setup being downloaded through this manner has been included with all the latest updates.

How to Activate the McAfee Total Protection using the McAfee MTP Retail card?

Without McAfee Activate, the users are unable to utilize the services being involved to the purchased subscription of the McAfee MTP. Thus, to activate the McAfee product, the users require a 25-character keycode i.e. McAfee Activation License keycode. So, for activating the McAfee antivirus product using the McAfee MTP Retail card, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below:

  1. First and foremost, access the official McAfee activate link as:, as it has been specified to the McAfee MTP retail card.
  2. Thus, the McAfee activate page will get displayed to the screen.
  3. Here, enter the 25-character McAfee Activate Product Key along with the other credentials like “Country” and “Language” associated with the purchased McAfee Activate subscription.
  4. And then, click the “Submit” button.
  5. A small pop up will appear to the screen.
  6. In this popup window, make sure that the details being entered to the McAfee Activate form are correct otherwise some issues may arise during its activation.
  7. If some incorrect information has been entered to the form then, make it correct by tapping the option of “Edit”.
  8. At last, tap the “Verify” button.
  9. Thus, the McAfee Activate gets successfully activated on the device. Are you facing issues to activate the McAfee MTP product? Then, you are at the correct place. Check out the simplest way of activating the McAfee MTP product using the McAfee MTP retail card. For any help, get into the contact of the McAfee Customer Support through toll-free number.