Everything can change in one day and even one moment

It could be the same with your customers.

How many times has it happened that one event, even a minor incident is it setting your life and business up again? One day, you have everything arranged, tame and under control.

You don't need anything, you have everything, it is fine.

Suddenly something changes and you have to find yourself in a new the situation. Is it not better to be ready for this earlier, or at least have a ready-made Plan B? Yesterday, one of the readers, Szymon, wrote this:

Okay, where's the link to buying.

I'm buying today. Irrevocably. I want to be your hen... ...a squire, padawan, follower. That's how my client wkur.... is today. She got a cool text for her company website. I think she is good. And she comes and supports her massacring my the work of change.


From now on, customers are to come and ask for the grace of cooperation with MacAffe Company.