this week I have come up with answers!

I have always wondered what it is like to want something They teach about sales, and they complain about excess news. And this week I have come up with answers! For some time now I have had a person on the messenger who wanted to

I'm not very good at selling something - I wrote to you about that in Monday.

From the first message to the last one, there is still one a fundamental error that will never sell me out. At one point I wrote that it annoyed me and let it he's gonna stop pushing his product on me. And that he is to read Monday's newsletter. And in response there was a gem: "Except that you do it every day instead of every third day. I a bit like eating doughnuts every day. Today we do not ate a stick there in a week's time, they're there every day, and this one verbal sellers, whether it is also bought by traders or only copywriters direct response ?" I asked: why should I do it every 3 days? Answer: Because what I often no longer taste like less often. And suddenly, a lamp in my head came on.

There is a correlation between the statement 'too many emails' and lack of sales skills! I was reminded of the times when I talked to salespeople and What distinguished this group was the continuous improvement of methods sales. They kept reading, watching and trying something! The best ones never said: a, I know enough, now only with This is what I will be using! So I say that someone who complains about too many sales is weak in this and will be even worse when all the rest will go ahead!