That was obvious to me.

Is it just for money to earn another few dollars, or maybe to something that matters and will transfer the benefit?

Yesterday, I received a call from a client on the order of I will quote the texts. After a short conversation I told him that nothing for him I will write.

Well, this client decided to fill a gap in the France market

Exclusive dog beds.

Such for three thousand and more. To put it briefly, the sale wasn't going to work for him and he thought that my texts They will help him. When I listened to him like that, I picked up one sentence that was in the most important thing.

Well, he said: I have not sold a single bed in a year.

I say: maybe it is a sign that there is no market for it and no text will it help? I did not give him any valuation, and he wanted new texts for the website The web and a few more things. I said: please do not waste your money on something, which has no chance of success. Each of your "yeses" has its consequences. In services it means that you give someone your time. The question is, what are you giving your time to?