Taken from life

Of course my fantastic offer!


access granted, and all It started with an innocent kiss. I used to start with the strangest example of me met during several years of activity.

Thanking for the purchase, I asked her a question about it made you.

Yesterday's day looked like a bad day, but what the hell.

Teach me to write lightly and with humor - can you do it? And why did I buy your course just yesterday - because it came to the such words: "If I do not meet your expectations, do not be offended. After all, these are your expectations, not my promises." Friedrik Zuheckenbergson I do not know who it is yet, today they resonate differently with my inside, but yesterday it was this. Thanks and I'll listen to what you have to say.

It so happens that in an email I wrote about disappointed expectations and hits he wanted it to match those words. This shows us how strange things decide to buy. Here - the random words have been harmonized with the content of my book. If I hadn't written it every day, there wouldn't be anything to match it.

Always be on the safe side