Today they choose the cheapest software, because they can.

They are dressed as service providers, because "our client, our you'.

But suddenly something happens when they see that they need something more serious and what then?

Who will they turn to?

Will they remember the person they once corresponded with? Some time ago the owner of the Salon came to me The beauty that I had received two years before then "too expensive" an offer. Two years later she called: Mr Darek, I am ready try it.

She bought an expensive weight loss machine and now you have to find clients. After two years! People like us are remembered. Most others are only distinguished by their price. They have their labels: 10x , 30 x , 1 BTC, 21504 USD ? And what kind of labels do you have? Although we are talking about big money here, it is not about that, to be distinguished only at a high price.

The person who sets his conditions is such a rare species. It stays in your memory for a long time, because it shows clearly its value, and this is important for customers. You know who to turn to in the case of more serious the problem. But you will not be remembered for your submissiveness and low prices. There are such people in bundles.