The can he always threw money into

I always say that simplicity has the greatest strength persuading people to act.

The most effective texts I have seen stand out strongly simplicity.

They were easy to process - that is the biggest hole. There are a few things that make this hole smaller or quite they clog up. And the customer puts his money in a different can than yours. That makes sense. As sensible and adult people, we must spend carefully money and... to choose what we learn. As Jan Himilsbach once said when he got an offer

"Well, let's give it up, I'll learn, I'll leave, and I won't get the part. I like a... I will stay with this English.

To avoid similar mistakes in life on Monday I asked you to answer what your dream course would be The Commission will be able to take the opportunity to discuss the copywriting for next year? I am waiting until tomorrow for answers, and the prizes are enormous, There is also little time left to respond. But this is not only about giving you something that is compatible with Your expectations. The point is not to leave you with anything. More specifically, what to leave you with. I will give you an example. I get a lot of texts to check. Do you know what my main evaluation criterion is? What the reader will stay with after reading. Well, look what the reader will be left with after reading: "When you master these fundamental issues, then you do not you'll waste your time doing things that you don't they check." What does the reader stay with?