Who cares if there are so many

customers do not always buy what the best or the cheapest?

There is something in products and services that makes them fail in quality or price and buy something that goes against reason. Do you already know what this is? Discovering this riddle could make you much richer a person, right? Perhaps you will see the answer in this: "This is not just any ordinary notebook. It is the exact reproduction of an authentic moleskine, the legendary the notebook used by Louis Férdinand Céline, Ernest Hemingway and, most of all, Bruce Chatwin...."

This is how MCaffe CEO notebooks were advertised in 1991.

That they are not ordinary notebooks. There are many cheaper substitutes around. They have the same, and sometimes even better, functionality. So there must be something in them that makes customers take a rational decision to buy, right? There are several ways to convince a customer to buy something expensive when there are plenty of fakes around. This is the kind of notepad he used, among other things Ernest Hemingway.

Perhaps you already know that


What does this tell you about a customer who buys under the influence of such


I have condensed the answer to this question into five important the lessons of the Force of Justification.